Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jeepers Creepers




Jeepers Creepers, 2001/ 91 min. Trish (Gina Phillips) and Darry (Justin Long) are on their way home from school on Spring Break.



On the way, they encounter a scary old truck, speeding down the road behind them, blowing the horn, with a license plate that says BEATNGU. After freaking them out, it finally turns off the road.




The siblings begin talking about murder victims, missing body parts that were never found. Further down the road they spot that same truck, parked behind and old abandoned Church, and a man throwing a human shaped bundle wrapped in rope down a shoot. But before they get out of view of it, it’s suddenly baring down on them again but this time, it’s trying to run them off the road. And it does. They then argue about, then decide to go back to that Church to see if it was in fact a body thrown into that shoot. They return and after Darry falls in, landing on the floor of a cavern, and there is a person and he’s still alive but only just, his abdomen has been slashed open and re-sewn shut. And now they need to find help.


Trish goes for help and Darry stays, once he finally looks around, he realizes there are other bodies and there’s an archaic lab nearby. A closer look and the walls of this ‘cavern’ are covered in staged and perfectly preserved bodies. This is a tomb. 



A traumatized Darry somehow finds his way out and back to his sister. Arriving at a cafe to find help, they see the truck pass by again. And oddly, the phone rings and it’s for them,



a psychic has a warning for them. It’ll never stop, that devil will hunt you forever. If you here the Jeepers Creepers song, you run!



As expected, the police don’t believe Darry. He mentioned some of the kids on the wall and some of them have been missing 20 years. They discover the killer is an ancient creature known as a Creeper. Which awakens every 23 Spring for 23 Days to hunt and kill humans, consuming specific body parts to replace his own. He scopes out his victims through the smell of their fear. 



Every time it is attacked, the situation is made worse because then it must kill to regenerate itself. In the end it costs at least one sibling there life.



Good show! Stay tuned for Jeepers Creepers 2!




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