Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jeepers Creepers 2



Jeepers Creepers 2, 2003/ 104 min. We open with The Creeper on his 23rd hunting day, masquerading as a scarecrow on a farm, it’s snatches up the younger son, Billy (Shaun Fleming), on a farm. For all their effort, his Dad and brother can’t save him and can only watch him be flown away. And in an instant, The Creeper, gains himself life long enemies, who’ll hold vigil over his hibernating body and hunt him as long as he lives.

Flash to a school bus full of teens, football players and cheerleaders on their way home after a game. They suddenly have a blowout on the road and have to pull over. They discover the tire was flattened on purpose. And the kids overhear on the radio about the discover of hundreds of bodies, some at least 200 years old, discovered covering the walls of a basement. 


Back at the farm, Billy’s Dad (Ray Wise) and brother (Luke Edwards) are making a harpoon out of a post hole digger, that’ll be installed in the bed of the truck, they intend to catch him.

Back at the bus, they’re on the road again and by nightfall, the tire, once again, is punctured. And this time, a coaches and the driver are snatched up off the road. And now the kids are alone. Meanwhile, Billy’s Dad and brother are waiting by the radio for some sign of the Creeper.

Between dealing with teen personal problems and trying to survive, they’re picked off until those who remain decide to try to run for it.


Billy’s Dad and brother chase and attack The Creeper, until time runs out. This is a good movie, the continuation of the first. It’s still not very bloody for all the carnage and body parts but it’s still creepy. And the end is pretty satisfying. Enjoy!


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