Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jengo Hooper




Jengo Hooper, 2013/ 1 hr 19 min


Jake Weaver played with a demonic board that opened the gates of Hell and from then his life was never the same. His home was haunted and he was possessed by a force that called it’s self Jengo.

Jakes has been in a padded cell for four months and on meds after a suicide attempt. He’s been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia plus he’s accused of killing his girlfriend but he says it was Jengo Hooper.

He is plagued with visions and nightmares, as well as an overwhelming urge to kill and eat people. He would prepare them in his kitchen and record it. But he needed to get closer, experience more and become one with the remains.

Then the police arrive and it somehow manages to get crazier in his attempt at escape and as he escalates and hunts his victims.

This is artsploitation or grind house, 8 mm shot film. This will definitely not be for everyone. It is stylized and trippy, which makes the madness more unnerving and disturbing. The cinematography with the layered visuals and psychedelic aesthetic plus the narration makes for a wild psychological horror.


For me, it was sensory overload with the visual effects, the near constant and varying music and the crazy story. At about half way through I muted it off and on and watched with the subtitles.