Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jenifer



Jenifer, 2005/ 58 min

This is a quick Masters of Horror episode, directed by Dario Argento.

A girl with a terribly disfigured face is rescued by Det. Frank Spivey (Steven Weber), when he happens upon her and a man on the verge of killing her with a meat clever.

Even though Frank, is married with a family, he takes pity on her and takes responsibility for her believing her to be mentally disabled. He takes her home with him. His wife gets freaked out when Jenifer mauls their cat, so she takes their son and leaves.

But then, over time, Frank finds out her true nature and just what she’s capable of. He also realizes he’s made a horrible mistake rescuing her from her fate. Because she has ruined him and there is only one way to rid himself of this nightmare.

And so it ends how it began.
This movie has adult scenes and a trigger warning (sexual assault/sexsomnia). Intense movie! Bloody and gory, a lot of sex, also kids die in this one. Good movie!