Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jigsaw

Jigsaw, 2017/ 1 hr 32 min


John Kramer’s been dead for 10 years but the mayhem and game, begins at the credits, with a known criminal running with a trigger in his hand, if he pulls the trigger, the game begins for 5 other people.



Five strangers wake up in a room with metal buckets on their heads and chains around their necks. Opposite them, a wall of circular saws. Jigsaw warns them that only the truth and the offer of blood will set them free.



During the autopsy of a man who didn’t survive his test, a clue is found on his body. The games are not over.



We watch as the people get through the game or not. As the medical examiners use clues from the body to try to locate the game. There is something that Kramer wants uncovered and the game won’t be over, until it is.



The cinematography is different than the others and though the physical effects are still amazing, it’s like Diet Saw (Saw lite?!). It’s not as gritty and heavy, kind of the different between Buffy the Vampire Slayer vs 30 Days of Night.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s still enjoyable, the cinematography just different. Having said that it’s the same essence and concept and this movie is full of surprises.


 If you haven’t been totally exhausted by the franchise, and if you can’t find it anywhere else, here’s one more installment. Enjoy!



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