Macabre...ish Horror Review: John Dies At The End



John Dies At The End, 2012/99 min. This is a crazy movie about soy sauce. Soy Sauce is a drug that promises an insane out of body experience. But some people come back from that high, no longer human. Suddenly the world is being invaded, not with a bang but a whisper! It’s kind of a slow, silent invasion. And the world needs a hero. And David Wong, apparently, is that hero. Him and his buddy, David. (Think Bill and Ted).


No one can trust their own eyes, two people looking at the same person see a completely different version of that person. But once that’s out, the ‘person’ reveals their true self. Priorly dead, beheaded people (I might add), come back as zombies. Find another head, sew it on their neck and find the person, (and weapon) that beheaded him. 



No one knows what’s real anymore if they’ve taken this drug or in contact with someone who’s taken it. This movie is wild! We’ve got astral projections, meat monsters, snake monsters, giant spiders, monsters,  a dog that drives cars, the dead are alive, the living are ‘crazy’...this movie’s got everything! 



This movie is based on a book of the same name written by David Wong (Jason Pargin). This is another slacker comedy horror and it’s pretty good. Not much on the gore front, little to no blood or guts, for all the mayhem. Not much nudity except when a door knob magically turned into male sexual organs. Good concept but you need to pay attention to it or you’ll just end up lost. Because remember, you can’t trust your eyes! 


Also if you are a consumate reader and or a David Wong/ Cracked fan (or would like to be!), there are more books! So, there’s John Dies At The End and it’s sequel, This Book is Full of Spiders. David Wong aka Jason Pargin also wrote What The Hell Did I Just Read and Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits. He’s also an advocate for keeping your local bookseller in business and requests readers to have their books ordered from a local bookstore, if possible, rather than online.


But of course, the movie and books are available online because, we know we can’t wait! So click the links above and get them!!


For serious fandom, there is also his YouTube channel and video where he explains a lot.  


And yes...I’ve watched all of it, including John Cheese’s youtube vlog’s when he quit alcohol...anyway...David Wong has written a series of articles that have altered my life, one of which, I still read, once a year. Because every time I read it, it inspires me. You want to be inspired? Of course you do! Read it, here!!


Annnd he points to a movie clip from Glengarry Glen Ross, if you haven’t seen it, I highly suggest you do! Even if it’s just for Baldwin’s speech, it’s worth it, just for that. 







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