Macabre...ish Horror Review: Jurassic Park



Jurassic Park, 1993/ 126 min.




A small discovery of a mosquito trapped in amber leads to a new prehistoric attraction, Jurassic Park! Where dinosaur dna combined with that of a frog, gives man the ability to bring back extinct dinosaurs. During a soft opening of the theme park that includes colleagues, an attorney and the owner’s grandchildren, everything that can go wrong, does go wrong.



From sabotage to infrastructure and security fails and death. A dream turns into a nightmare when the tour turns into a fight for survival when the dinosaurs are uncontained and the guests are on their own and without security. And on top of that, that which should be impossible, becomes possible.


In order for this project to be deemed ‘safe’, population control is necessary and all of the dinosaurs are the same gender but ‘life always finds a way’. In a stroke of unfortunate sequence of events, the genus of frog from which the dna was used to fill in the gaps is one that changes gender in a single sexed environment.



After the system is sabotaged and the saboteur is killed, then everyone in the park, including personnel are in danger. All security measures are down and now nothing is containing the animals. The only option is for the system to be rebooted manually, you just have to survive all the carnivores to get to it.


And it’s a fight (run and hide) to the bitter end, then you need a dinosaur to save you from other dinosaurs.


I love this movie! It's almost perfect except some of the Dinos are misnamed. Great cast, story, cinematography etc. Well paced, action packed and I loved that even the kids were integral to the story and fought just as hard as the adults!


Here’s the link if you’d like to watch. Enjoy!!


Also if you are a reader, the book is also phenomenal, I highly suggest it, Crichton has a way with words! Here’s the link to the audiobook if you prefer that. Enjoy! 


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P.P. S. The rock in the photo of the laserdisc is coprolite, that’s fossilized dinosaur dung! Yep. I own fossilized poop. Here’s a closer look...



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