Macabre...ish Horror Review: Kaw




Kaw, 2007/ 92 min.



A Mennonite farmers’ cattle become infected with mad cow disease, it starts slowly, so he says nothing, hoping he can stop the spread and no one would find out. Because if they do, it will cost him his entire herd. Also he believes it’s punishment from God for mixing with the English. His attempts do not work and his cattle succumb and ravens feast on their carcasses and become infected with the disease.


This is worse than mad getting into the food supply, it’s infected and spreading through wild life. The birds, once infected, become highly aggressive and entire flocks attack at once.


A school bus driving, out cast farmer, Clyde (Stephen McHattie) notices the change and is attacked by them, he attempts to alert his neighbors and the sheriff (Sean Patrick Flanery) about the ravens. The sheriff’s wife, Cynthia, is also presumably an investigative reporter and she discovers the source on the farmer’s property and falls down a well for her trouble and she can’t get out.


Bodies are found in barns, along the road, still in their vehicles, pecked to death in buildings etc...all ravaged by rabid ravens. And these birds are plotting, lying in wait and executing full on strategic flock assaults, complete with weapons!


Also dog lovers, there is a moment of agonizing horror that you will not like. This is a made for tv movie, Syfy, I believe and you can tell, it’s not bad but definitely more for those who prefer an easier watch. Ok effects, the physical are nicer than the CG. Not too bloody but graphic once the birds really get going and most graphic with animals.