Macabre...ish Horror Review: Keep Watching




Keep Watching, 2017/ 89 min.


A young woman is missing and she looks like someone killed on a live broadcast. As the ‘murders’ are investigated viewers are interviewed but the audience has no idea if it’s real or not. All they can do is wait for more attacks to find out.


We watch as an unknown person breaks into people’s homes and sets up hidden cameras all throughout their house. On shelves, light fixtures, in sink drains...just everywhere, spying on an entire family. As well as lurking outside windows with night vision. We quickly find out about everything the family is struggling with.



The family is noticing the subtlety of things being slightly out of place and just, off. The ceiling fan blades changing position on their own, the piano playing on it’s own. Seems like this person also wants the family on edge. And they are.



When they are finally awakened  in the middle of the night, no working phone, windows nailed shut and doors blockaded but a flashlight with a bow on it, on the living room floor and a giant red X, they know something’s wrong. Beware red Xs and red bows!




It loses some of it’s steam as we’re waiting for the action and is graphic but not particularly bloody or gory. It’s was ok but I think they could’ve gone more ‘The Collector’, this movie felt very safe but I did enjoy the concept very much. And it took a while to finally get to the action and it fizzled out for me. The end though, was very intriguing. This is definitely for someone who doesn’t want a lot of blood, gore and effects.








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