Macabre…ish Horror Review: Kids vs Aliens

Kids vs Aliens, 2022/ 1 hr 15 min


Friends, Jack (Asher Grayson), Miles (Ben Tector) and Gary (Dominic Mariche) who are minding their own business and fully engulfed trying to make a home movie. When teens, Trish (Emma Vickers), Billy (Calem MacDonald), Dallas (Isaiah Fortune), while looking for a place to throw a Halloween party, bully the the other kids. It only stops when Billy notices Gary’s older sister, Samantha (Phoebe Rex), who just so happens to have a crush on him.


Later, Samantha opts out of recording the next scene and an unsupervised Gary breaks his arm during the wrestling scene which gets Samantha grounded because it happened when she was supposed to be watching him. No phone, no friends over, no Halloween party. Then the parents go on vacation.


Billy still hasn’t found a place to have the Halloween party and so he plans to woo Samantha and convince her to let them have the party there. Upon his arrival to the house, he runs the kids’ props over while they’re in the middle of filming a scene.


Billy pretends to take an interest in Sam and while they’re making out, her brother and his friends bust in her room. There’s a loud noise and really bright lights outside which Sam dismisses as more of the kids’ antics. After they are kicked out of Sam’s room they investigate the light outside and spend the night in the barn.



The next day, while hanging out at the lake with his friends, Billy convinces Sam to let him have the party at her house and introduce her as his girlfriend. She relents.


During the party, Billy and his friends purposely trash the house and when Sam tries to eject the troublemakers, Billy physically threatens her.



Gary, Jack, and Miles snoop on the party with a drone and then interrupt the party by hijacking the TV to broadcast a message to Sam, confronting her about her personality change to appeal to Billy. Plus they broadcast a recording of Billy and Trish, messing around, making fun of her and (Billy) urinating in Sam’s room. Sam is humiliated and Billy becomes irate. When Billy and his crew assault Gary, the bright light flairs up again outside. And an alien stands in the doorway, charging at the kids.


The aliens scatter the partygoers when they start grabbing some of them and dragging them away. Sam finally comes out of hiding once she realizes everyone is gone, including her brother. So she puts on her scuba gear and dives in the lake, where the light is emanating from.


She swims to what looks like a giant scull and climbs inside. Buried in a corpse is a sword, Sam grabs it and searches for Gary. She finds the kids in some kind of room and Trish is pinned to a slab and what can only be described as digestive juices pour down onto her until skeleton remains are left, she’s been melted down for fuel. And then they move on to the next kid. Some of them get a different treatment, Dallas, gets a helmet with some kind of green bile that turns him into a super strong monster.


Sam fights the aliens with the sword and frees her brother and his friends. The cowardly Billy flees without them, taking Sam’s scuba gear and escaping into the water. The surviving aliens are right behind them as they make it to the dock. Sam comes last, carrying and unconscious Jack and she has to resuscitate him while aliens and Dallas are gaining on them.


They get back to the house and Billy has them locked out. The new, more dangerous terrifying Dallas is unleashed on them and he goes right for Billy. Meanwhile, the kids grab their bikes and head to the woods.


While the kids hide in the woods, the bright light goes out but it’s a trap. The light returns and the aliens are right on top of them. But Sam goes to work with that amazing sword. They escape to the barn and Billy is there, in his desperation, he’s more dangerous than ever. The kids threaten to scream for Dallas if he doesn’t let Sam go, as he has the sword to her neck. The trio swarm and attack him. And Billy stabs Jack with the sword and it does all the way through, then the light returns and so does Dallas.


Billy has a vendetta against Sam, Gary and friends and he tries to kill them. After Sam punches him out, he begs Dallas for mercy before he chews through his throat. After Sam kicks Dallas through a wall during a fight, the hole left behind is like a vacuum and they struggle to not get sucked out.


Jack, barely hanging on, tells miles about something he made for the finale of their film, a fireworks display and Miles lights the fuse and launches it. With the help of the sword, Sam handles the aliens and they rush back to Jack’s aide.


As they carry a dying Jack to find help. They are suddenly totally surrounded by aliens but they aren’t alone. Mysterious men in a big truck, shoot all the aliens down and after putting plastic over the kids faces, smothering them, loads them all up in the back of the truck.


•After the credits•


The drone is still in the house recording and catches an alien walk down the hall and their mother (Jessica Marie Brown) right behind it. She spots the drone and screams at the kids through it about the state of the house.


The alien returns, grabs her head and vomits in her face. It’s the same green fluid that turned Dallas into a monster.