Macabre…ish Horror Review: Kill Theory



Kill Theory, 2009/ 82 min



Friends, Brent (Teddy Dunn) , Amber (Ryanne Duzich), Michael (Patrick Flueger), Jennifer (Agnes Bruckner), Carlos (Theo Rossi), Nicole (Steffi Wickens) and Freddy (Daniel Franzese) are celebrating their graduation by going to Brent’s family’s vacation house.


Everything is going great until that evening when they discover that they’re not alone and that something is wrong after Nicole’s body is thrown threw a window from outside. She is bloody and cut up, on her stomach someone has carved ‘TV’. They turn on the tv to find a video of Nicole being given a loaded gun and told to shoot the then sleeping, Carlos, if she wants to survive. She tries to defend herself and is killed.


They have been informed that they are being forced to play a deadly game and no they do not have a choice. “Kill your friend to save yourself or you both die.” If by 6 a.m. the next morning, one of them is still alive, that person goes free. If more than one is still alive then everyone dies. So they cannot just hide until morning or everyone dies.


The group opts to barricade themselves inside after discovering Brent’s dad’s gun has been taken and a walkie talkie is left in it’s place, so that the lunatic who is doing this can communicate with them because their phones no longer work.


Brent tells them there is a gun in the boat but the boat has been sunk. There are traps on the property and they are kept from leaving. The person controlling this game is also pitting them against each other and planting weapons in strategic places. At least one of them succumb to the game and decide to kill to survive.


Someone’s trying to prove that when it comes down to it, we’ll all kill those closest to us, if given no other choice.


It is however not as simple as that, this is a personal vendetta and goes back to the very beginning.



This movie is good, fast moving, booby traps everywhere. This guy just seems to be everywhere. It’s bloody, it’s gory. And it’s easy to get drawn into the drama of it. It is bloody, gory and graphic.