Macabre...ish Horror Review: Killbillies



Killbillies aka Idyllic aka Idila, 2015/ 1 hr 25 min


A photoshoot goes terribly wrong when everyone involved is kidnapped by a couple of deformed hill folk and held captive. The photographer is first subdued first. Then the first woman are taken to a table, tied down and put through a process where their fluids are a part of moonshine distillery process.

While the models wait their turn, they’re trying to figure a way out before one of the gruesome brothers comes back and one does and it’s exactly what you expect. The opportunity is seized to end his grotesque existence.

Once out, it’s interminable because they have no idea where they are or if anyone else is around, plus it’s dark. The women run, hide and fight hard and there’s a chance at least one might make it. Maybe...

First, I want to mention the score, it is very effective in setting the tone. The cinematography and effects are good and gory too. I expected a low production Wrong Turn or Hills Have Eyes but that is not what this is. It’s actually quite good with an interesting concept. The very beginning and end is a little long winded but otherwise, pretty good and bleak. This is a Slovenian movie and the audio is in Slovene with English subtitles.