Macabre…ish Horror Review: Killer Condom



Killer Condom, 1996/ 107 min

(Kondom des Grauens (English: Condom of Horror)


Detective Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel), the constant smoker, is on the case of attacks in the notorious Hotel Quickie, where men are having their penises bitten off.


Upon investigation and under cover, a condom escapes from it’s box on the side table and runs across the room. While the now nude, Mackeroni is searching for it under a dresser, the condom gets him, bites a testicle right off.


In the hospital he speaks of a carnivorous condom with razor sharp teeth. Later, one man after another in the Quickie Motel, screams in agony as their condoms chomp their organs off. The proprietor lets Mackeroni inspect his box of loose and unwrapped condoms, aside from the obvious, there’s nothing strange there.


Meanwhile, Luigi struggles internally with his idea of love and sex, his apathy, rejection of relationships in favor of paid romps, in seedy pay for play motels. All the while, falling for Billy (Marc Richter) the gigolo.


While the detectives surveil the rooms via video to catch the condoms moving, they think they see something and act. After bursting into a room and shooting a condom in Babette’s hand, screams from another room proves he got the wrong condom. After finding the right room, there’s a chase and shoot out down the hall but the condom escapes, leaving the penis behind.


The news travels makes the morning paper and Mackeroni is chastised by his boss for it.


And Babette (Leonard Lansink), formerly Bob and also formerly a cop, is aggressively seeking a relationship with Luigi Mackeroni and if not love then she’ll settle for sex, by knife point if necessary. When Babette turns up at his house, the carnivorous condom is in her handbag. After another failed attempt at sex, Luigi shoots the handbag and sets up a trap involving a gas pipe.


After the condom blows up, they take it for an autopsy and learn how it is possible that this thing exists. Later that night, dozens of condoms crawl out of the sewers and they are no longer just going after male sex organs, in a pinch, a nose will do.


Meanwhile, even politicians are using the condoms on their platforms during voting season.  The condoms are showing up far from the seedy side of town. Kids are finding them on playgrounds, they’re turning up in hotels of the wealthy, attacking a presidential candidate. They are multiplying and it’s happening fast.


Cops are staking out brothels, clubs and motels in an attempt to stop it. The answer to how these things exist is actually insane.



This Troma cult classic is directed by Martin Walz and based on the comic book Kondom des Grauens by Ralf König. This is a German language movie set in New York with English subtitles. This is a non pc comedy horror with stop motion animation. It’s very adult, it’s graphic, lots of nudity and adult scenes, there’s also blood. This is a 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️, kink and sex worker friendly movie. This movie is wild and not for everyone!





TW: coercion, dead naming, homophobia