Macabre...ish Horror Review: Killer Sofa




Killer Sofa, 2019/ 1 hr 21 min


A possessed recliner is mistakenly delivered to the wrong house and gets a crush on the occupant, Francesca. And all of her friends, boyfriend and stalker are in danger because the chair will not share her.

 The first time anyone realizes something is wrong is when the floor is vacuumed and meat fills the canister and a human eyeball is clearly visible.

At the same time, a man who requested to have his legs removed by a vet and no one’s seen him since. He was also spying on Francesca and the live feed shows the recliner moving on it’s own whenever she wasn’t looking.

 An attempt is made to destroy the chair by fire but it keeps blowing out the flame! This movie is crazy. There’s a whole lot more involving witchcraft, an old family tradition and possession. Also a man who is un-ironically named Gravy!

I will say this flick is nothing if not entertaining. Something crazy is always happening! The physical effects are pretty good the CG is Real Science levels of realistic. The story is convoluted but the pacing is good. And finally the humor is dark.