Macabre...ish Horror Review: Killer Tongue



Killer Tongue, 1996/ 98 min


After most of a group of misfit friends goes to prison and one laying low as a nun in a convent, they prepare to get the gang together again, the former ‘nun’, Candy (Mindy Clark) and her dogs accidentally eat a meteorite.

Afterward, the changes are immediate, her skin and hair turns colors, eventually she grows spines and her freakish alien tongue starts killing people. She tries to fight back with scissors, she tries cutting it with a iron. Nothing works.

All of Candy’s attempts to kill the alien is met with ridiculously hilarious admonishment. Since her only real interaction with the alien is when it’s long tongue like, serpentine body extends from her mouth.

Oh and Candy’s four poodles are also infected by the meteor but in a totally different way, they are transformed into men! Drag Queens to be exact and Candy has no idea these guys in her house are her dogs until one of them licks her face.

Eventually the alien falls for Candy and becomes jealous and starts communicating with her.

And this is not even the only madness that happens in this movie. There’s a prison camp and the warden is played by Robert Englund! This is a crazy movie, weird but fun! You just never knew what was going to happen next. Expect adult scenes, over the top violence and effects to match.