Macabre...ish Horror Review: Knucklebones



Knucklebones, 2016/ 1 hr 25 min.


This movie is about a deadly summoning game, somewhat like Bloody Mary. It begins in Nazi Germany and the game is later played in a garment factory.

Then some friends go hang out to make one, Neesa, feel better after a suicide attempt. So they spend the night in an abandoned garment factory, the same factory where everyone but one kid was slaughtered in the seventies.

But as the sun goes down she hears children singing, so of course, they have to check it out. In the basement they find some interesting things including an old Sumerian game, the games pieces are carved knuckle bones. And just when they think nothing’s going to happen, it definitely does and it’s brutal.

How this demon comes into the world and when the dice are destroyed, then getting replacements was rough to watch.

This was a nice low budget indie! Even before the credits roll, they do not make you wait for the action. Good story and pacing is pretty good to. Expect blood, gore, wild kills and adult scenes. Also, the demon has jokes like Freddy Krueger, I wasn’t expecting him to have a sense of humor, that was a nice surprise. And good twists! Fun slasher!

The director of this film, Mitch Wilson and I had a great long chat about the movie and his movie business experience, listen to it here!