Macabre...ish Horror Review: Kolobos



Kolobos, 1999/ 1 hr 27 min


It apparently begins with a newspaper ad that says:

“Wanted: Freeloaders, artists seeks 5 progressive minded individuals for a ground breaking experimental film. Participants will share free lodging in a fully furnished home in the Mount Olympus Resort. If you are willing to laugh, love, hate, cry and betray....and be recorded on VHS, we want you! The camera shy need not apply! Interested?”

 This ad attracts quite the cast and begins with on camera interviews in the contestants regular environment and then moved into the house. Immediately one is found out to be from a home for troubled teens. And on the first day, random weird stuff starts happening.

During a horror film marathon one of them gets carved up in the kitchen and when everyone else tries to get help, the house locks down, all the windows and doors are sealed.

When they return to the kitchen she’s gone and a nasty surprise left for them on the dining table. And they realize the house is also booby trapped and they are a snuff film in the making.

This movie was unexpectedly gory. It has that Sleepaway Camp/Slumber Party massacre feel, very wholesome 80s/90s teen ridiculousness, then carnage. The physical effects are of the era and there are some errors of continuity. Also a lot of it is from the point of view of Kyra (Amy Weber). Also in this film is Linnea Quigley and Promise LaMarco. If you like 80s/90s slashers, you may like this.