Macabre…ish Horror Review: Krueger


Krueger: Tales From Elm Street, 2017/ 40 min


Set in the 1970s...


Fred Krueger (Roberto Lombardi) is a seemingly normal family man, trusted neighbor and productive member of society who’s also lurking and scheming on those neighbors and their children. And for a while, they are none the wiser.


Freddy spends time sketching out his plans and fabricating his glove that will be his hallmark.


He likes to play a game where he kidnaps children, one at a time and with his glove, he terrorizes and kills them. All while consoling the children’s parents in public who are worried about their missing kids.


Meanwhile, missing kid posters are increasing in town and he hunts playgrounds and known hangouts, in his brown hat and striped sweater. He uses different ruses and ploys to lure the kids away, sometimes a story works, other times he uses force.


But the outcome is always the same.


When he is finally arrested, it is Nancy’s father,  Lt. Don Thompson (Shawn Parr) who interrogates him and Freddy threatens him and promises his daughter is next and announces his home address.


Freddy faces trial but it’s not enough for the parents of Elm Street, who decide to take justice into their own hands.


Then Freddy comes back. And not just to terrorize Elm Street but the actor who plays Freddy.



These fan shorts are directed by Chris R. Notarile and these are tales about Freddy Krueger before his death, before he became a supernatural boogie man. They are meant to be a prequel of a sadist child murderer. And they do a good job of it. Some of the shorts are a little bloody but not much more than that. They also feel somewhat like a documentary and a nice compliment to Wes Craven’s franchise.


All of the shorts are on youtube.