Macabre...ish Horror Review: La Horde


The Horde aka La Horde, 2009/ 1 hr 41 min. This is a French zombie movie! If you’re in the mood for a fast moving zombie movie, this is it. The infection takes anyone who’s recently died, much like the walkers on The Walking Dead. It is quick, they come back, stronger, faster and nearly indestructible, unless the head is destroyed. 


A rogue team of cops (think SWAT) who attempts to ambush a gang who’s killed a beloved team member. Lurking under the cover of night they descend upon a mostly abandoned Parisian apartment block, housing only squatters and gang members. One of the team, Aurore, is secretly pregnant after carrying on an affair with the now deceased officer, is hellbent on killing those who killed him.



Unfortunately this takes place seemingly during the moment the zombie outbreak, almost immediately after discovering the gangs location, they are shot at, one wounded and a newly murdered man, previously tortured by the gang, almost immediately turns, attacks and is quickly executed. But not quickly enough, the virus spreads too quickly.




The rate of infection and speed, strength and voracity of these zombies causes the warring group to join together in order to survive. Law enforcement, the Nigerian gang plus an Eastern European gangster are soon joined by a wacky Englishman, found in the building. They hide and fight fiercely but one by one they’re killed, with at least half of the giving their lives to save the rest.


I really enjoyed this one! Just a note, the movie is very dark, visually. It’s very gory, bloody and graphic.



And it does have an English audio and subtitle option. Enjoy zombie fans!


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