Macabre...ish Horror Review: Laid To Rest



Laid To Rest, 2009/ 90 min



A woman wakes up in a coffin in a mortuary and finds she has amnesia. She is also being stalked by a man wearing a chrome skull mask on, he also has a shoulder mounted camera. And every time she’s on the verge of getting help, he shows up and kills or tries to kill all who try to help.



This is the typical slasher trope, silent, impossibly strong man monster. With the added bonus that he’s apparently recording his kills. Plus he gets pretty bad injuries but he stops to patch himself up, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before. He also hilariously falls every once in a while. As for the cast, there only about 8 people in this movie.


*This particular moment really tripped me out...he looked at his shoe because blood dripped on it and turned out the blood was from his own neck...the bad guy was sawing through it. *

The kills are graphic, gruesome and way over the top. The physical effects are pretty good for a low budget, much better than expected. It’s as hopeless and bleak as Hitcher. There are moments of lag and some infuriating do-nothing moments but frankly you might need a mayhem break because this is a gorefest.



Finally, that mask and knife would be hilarious if he weren’t so horrific. All in all, I enjoyed this gore fest!



Intrigued?! It’s available here, on itunes. I invite you to binge because there is a glorious sequel Enjoy!!



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