Macabre...ish Horror Review: Lake Bodom



Lake Bodom, 2016/ 85 min.



After Ida is humiliated at school by a rumor, she and her friend Nora are invited to go camping with other students with a fascination with the murder of some teens in the 1960s.



The plan is to seek out the location of the massacre for a reconstruction. To test the theory of what happened there. And with a few well placed lies, they trick Ida and Nora as to the reason for the trip.



The theory is, the killer was an outsider and he’s still out there somewhere. So they set up camp, complete with 50 year old tent and blankets. And the girls are apparently the same size as the ones beaten to death on that day.



They may get what they wanted after all. Two of them will get what they hoped for.

But that rumor will destroy the rest or was it the evil of Bodom after all.



I thought this was going to be the standard teen have-sex-then-trip-and-fall-through-the-woods slasher. It is not! I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a bit more than that. Not nearly as graphic and gory as expected but the effects are good. Good story!







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