Macabre...ish Horror Review: Langolier


Langoliers, 95/ 3 hrs. 2 part 1.5 hour miniseries. Based on a story from Stephen King’s, Four Past Midnight, on a flight from LA to Boston and the plane flies through some kind of rift,



most of the passengers and crew disappear, leaving behind their personal effects.




But those who were asleep at the time, remain. The pilot eventually lands the plane in Bangor International Airport, when he’s unable to contact anyone on the radio.



In the airport, it seems as if the airport is not only empty but deserted, no signs of life, no electricity...On top of that, everything seems lifeless, food and drinks are tasteless, matches won’t light and they fear that fuel they need to move on won’t work in the plane. A blind passenger, Dinah can hear something, far off in the distance and though she can’t explain what it is, it terrifies her. The business man, Craig (Bronson Pinchot) because increasingly more unhinged



as time passes, he finds a gun and takes another passenger hostage, in order to force the pilot to fly them out again. He’s subsequently subdued and tied up after realizing that the guns bullets are similarly useless. While all of this is happening everyone is dealing with their own personal issues and demons, that come to the surface during this situation.


Dinah reports that the sound is getting louder and closer and they are determined to stay ahead of whatever it is. Eventually they’re able to see what that noise is and they are now desperate to get going.



Hoping to find another time rift to escape through before it’s too late. Craig goes insane and during a hallucination admits to costing his company millions of dollars before he dies,



Dinah’s a psychic and a guy named Nick is a government assassin...there’s a lot going in this miniseries. 



It’s really interesting, I enjoyed it. Good concept and story line. A lot of interesting characters, played by recognizable actors and a good ending. It’s a thriller but once you get what’s going on, it’s a pretty scary concept. Having said that, it’s also kind of kookie, I don’t know if it’s just the 90s, Stephen King, cinematography, effects or everything together. I still liked it though, it was fun!






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