Macabre...ish Horror Review: Last House on the Left (2009)


Last House on The Left, 2009/ 100 min


This is the remake of Wes Craven's 1972 original.


On vacation with her family, Mari and her friend Paige hang out with a guy named Justin, who's passing through with his transient family.





Who they find out later, via newspaper, just broke their dad, Krug, out of prison, killing a few officers in the escape. When Justin's family arrive at the hotel room, where the 3 teens are hanging out, they kidnap Mari and Paige, thinking it's too risky to let them go.





Upon stilling Mari's car to leave town, she convince's them to take the road back to her family's house and when she attempts to bail out of the car, the family attacks and wrecks the car. And continue to beat the girls as they crawl from the wreckage.


Krug insists that Justin grope's Mari and 'become a man', Paige insults him to make it stop and she is stabbed for her trouble and Mari gets to watch her friend die. Krug then rapes Mari and later she manages to escape to the lake to swim to freedom when she's shot in the back and left to die.





The family retreats to the nearest house which happens to be Mari's family's.





Justin realizes it and leaves Mari's necklace to be found and alert her family.






Mari's parent's find her on the porch, barely alive and realize the people in their house did this.





While going for the boat to get help, they decide to get their revenge. And the family find they've messed with the wrong family and went to the wrong house.





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