Macabre...ish Horror Review: Late Phases



Late Phases, 2014/ 1 hr 35 min


A man, Ambrose (Nick Damici), moves after losing his wife and immediately finds something interesting about the new house, a deep claw mark in a wall with part of a claw in it.

He’s a nice guy but comes across as just an angry, blind vet to the local welcome committee. And his very first night, his dog, Shadow, is in rare form because some kind of beast is roaming the community. Ambrose can’t see it but can hear it breathing, whatever it is, is at his neighbor’s house.

And soon, his own, the werewolf tears up his house and hurts his dog. Ambrose finds out, later, that this happens regularly in the Crescent Bay community. But the police are no help. So he decides to investigate it himself.

One by one he sizes up his neighbors and he just so happens to figure it out when he visits a gun smith to make some silver bullets. Realising he’s been found out, the culprit runs amok.

Good movie with a great cast! Nick Damici, Tom Noonan, Ethan Embry, Dana Ashbrook, Tina Louise etc. Really well done cinematography and physical effects. The concept is too the point, no twists but very good execution. I really enjoyed this one!