Macabre...ish Horror Review: Legion


Legion, 2009/ 100 min.

The archangel, Michael (Paul Bettany), falls to Earth and cuts off his wings.



And after an officer is killed and another possessed, Michael, takes their cruiser and drives to Paradise Falls Diner. Meanwhile, at the diner, a little old lady (Jeannette Miller) taunts the patrons and when one, Howard (Jon Tenney), confronts her, she tears his throat out with her pointed teeth, just before scurrying



across the ceiling, screeching that they’re all going to die. Kyle (Tyrese Gibson) shoots her and a group of them load Howard into a vehicle to get him to a hospital but are thwarted when they try to pass through a massive swarm of flies.



As the sky begins to blacken, Michael arrives and arms everyone in the diner. Just as hundreds of vehicles arrive, full of possessed people, who then attack them. During a break in the confusion, Michael, explains that God has lost faith in mankind and has sent his Angels to destroy the human race. And he was sent there to kill Charlie’s (Adrianne Palicki) baby, who is prophesied to be mankind’s savior, if it lives. Michael is defying God’s order to save them and so they must fight and protect the child, until it is born. 



The next morning, Sandra (Kate Walsh), his Howard’s wife, discovers Howard crucified in the back yard, covered in huge boils and dies in a violent explosion. Percy (Charles S. Dutton), attempting to protect her, dies from the acidic fall out. Later that night, they are attacked by another wave of possessed people,



Kyle is lured into a trap and killed, just as Charlie goes into labor. Meanwhile, trumpets sound as the archangel, Gabriel (Kevin Durand), arrives. Sandra, who was restrained after Howard’s death, escapes and tries to give the baby to the possessed and Michael executes her.  


Moments later, Gabriel enters and fatally injures



Bob (Dennis Quaid). Michael tries to convince the survivors to leave and find the prophets and learn to read the instructions. The possessed are no longer a threat, they cannot approach the baby. Gabriel and Michael fight until he’s stabbed through the chest and dies. The wounded Bob lights his lighter, igniting the gas and incinerating the diner and all of the possessed. 


As, Charlie, Jeep (Lucas Black) and Audrey (Willa Holland) flee with the baby, Jeep becomes covered in tattoos, which are the instructions. As they travel up the mountains, Audrey dies when they hit the breaks and just as Gabriel corners them and is about to kill them, Michael descends from Heaven, an archangel once again. This was a test for the Angels. Gabriel gave God what he asked for and Michael gave Him what he needed. Gabriel walks away in shame. Jeep is informed, that he is the baby’s true protector and that they will see him again.


I really enjoyed this movie and I love Paul Bettany. I’ve always enjoyed warring angel movies, the stories are usually compelling and casting is usually on point, especially in terms of the Angels. The movie is graphic and effects, well done, we see him cut off his wings and when Howard’s giant boils burst and he exploded into an acidic splash, I really could’ve gagged. Those there’s something about the Angels and the location that strikes me as two different movies and often recall it that way until I see it again.


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