Macabre…ish Horror Review: Let Her Out



Let Her Out, 2016/ 1 hr 29 min


A woman who is a sex worker is raped one night and is impregnated by that encounter. Late in her pregnancy she takes a pair of shears and stabs her abdomen over and over. She didn’t survive but the infant did.


23 Years Later…


Helen spends her birthday with her friend, Molly, at the old motel where her mother lived and died, in room 2. She says it gives her comfort.


Why leaving, she’s hit by a car and sustains a bad head injury and a broken arm. When Helen returns home, she notices something wrong. She wakes up, riding her bike. She’s missing blocks of time and during those moments her personality is different. And she’s starting to see things, like scary versions of herself.


And while she’s not herself, she sometimes hurts people but she doesn’t remember anything. But she shows up places with blood on her, injured and naked. And the problem is escalating.


After a visit to her doctor, she goes back to the old motel and spend time in her mother’s old room. She looks under the bed and once again sees a terrifying version of herself under the bed.


Helen’s doctor calls her to return to the hospital to discuss what she found on her xray. It turns out she has vanishing twin syndrome. And since her accident, the mass is growing rapidly and putting pressure on her brain. It would explain many of her symptoms. The doctor wants to schedule surgery immediately.


When Helen tried to return a painting of her that freaks her out, she goes to his apartment and finds video playing on his lap top that she doesn’t remember being in. And her bloody foot prints on the floor.


She is simultaneously starting to remember and missing more and more time, her skin is changing, she’s coughing up hair and otherwise losing control of her life.


She’s attacking people who care about her and people are missing. Helen sees her twin, fully corporeal in an alley and she breaks off her cast and opens the wound, inside is a finger.


After killing a man, she decides she needs to die and it needs to end where it began, in Room 2. It does end there but not the way you expect.



This film is directed by Cody Calahan. This movie is very good. It’s paced well and the effects are well done. There are a lot of adult scenes and it’s pretty bloody. There are also some quality jump scares in this one and an unexpected ending.