Macabre…ish Horror Review: Let It Snow


Let It Snow, 2020/ 1 hr 26 min


An American couple, Max (Alex Hafner) and Mia (Ivanna Sakhno), on vacation in Georgia, who are also snow boarders and looking forward to the Black Ridge slopes, people keep dying on them. They are warned that they can stay at the resort but they’ll have to ski different slopes.


Other than them and the assumed receptionist, no one else is in the hotel, that and her mannerism makes this place really creepy.


The next day the couple take a helicopter to some slopes and later the guy convinces the pilot to take them Black Ridge. On the way he points out where people have been rescued and bodies recovered. After a few hours of skiing and taking pictures, visibility gets bad and they get separated. Then some random snowmobile arrives and hits Mia. When she wakes up later, Max is still nowhere to be found and not responding on the com.


Mia eventually does find him at the end of a trail of roses, holding a bouquet of flowers but something isn’t right. A snowmobile revs it’s engine and speeds off, dragging Max behind it.


This person is playing a dangerous game when he returns at the top of the summit and drops an explosive, purposely triggering an avalanche, Mia tried to out run it but no such luck. As she digs herself out, she can hear someone stabbing the snow, presumably looking for her.


Someone does find her, a local and he says so many have died there on the slopes and not of natural causes. He seems to know too much about what’s going on. And when Mia finds some evidence that he could be in on it, she flees his house.


On her way to finding some kind of help, she happens upon this weird shelter covered in crosses with little candles and a table with a collection of tools. Plastic sheeting separates rooms and it gets more disturbing the deeper she goes. She finds the man who tried to help her tied up and injured, he tells her to run.


Mia spends days in the snow, running from a killer, searching for Max only to find she’s lost her mind and remnants of his in a snow man.


This turned out to be such a sad movie with kind of a heavy story. It is graphic but not too gory, they intimate more than they actually show. I guess this could be considered a Christmas horror because of a few ornaments but it’s not really. It is a slow burn and when it was over I was ready for a sequel and a prequel. It was good, more than I expected it to be but now I need more of the story.