Macabre...ish Horror Review: Lifeforce


Lifeforce, 1985/ 1 hr 56 min


A British and American expedition of Haley’s comet yields unexpected and terrible results.

The astronauts discover hundreds of giant bat like creatures that they assume are dead. But then something happens and the structure changes, it is described as looking like a giant umbrella. And inside this sphincter like entrance are what appears to be humans, incapsulated and in some kind of stasis.

So the astronauts load a giant bat and encased, assumed humans and intends to return them to Earth but something happens and the crew appears to have been incinerated. But the cargo is untouched, so they are returned to SRC.

One of them, in preparation for examination at the SRC or Space Research Center, gets up and sucks the life out of a security officer. And several others but it changes 3 people altogether and they become, whatever this creature is. And they must feed constantly or else.

There is one lone survivor, commander of the Churchill, who returns in a pod, later and he explains what happened up there. But it just creates more questions and more strange occurrences. Plus he seems to share a mind with one of the creatures.

Just as they figure out what’s happening, the affliction has swept London, with an incubation period of 2 hours, it seems hopeless.

This is a long, crazy movie! We have space, space bats, vampires, haley’s comet and psionic abilities. There is a mix of good physical effects and over the top visual effects. Be prepared for nudity and for the movie to be longer than expected.