Macabre…ish Horror Review: Like Dogs



Like Dogs, 2021/ 1 hr 34 min


A man and woman, Adam (Ignacyo Matynia)  and Lisa (Annabel Barrett) are kidnapped by masked people and kept in dilapidated dog kennels, complete with chain, collar, dog bed and water bottle. Every day they are fed dog food and are only spoken to with commands like a dog. Need to use the restroom? Well there’s a spot on the floor.


Everyday they are ignored and notes are taken about their behavior and reaction to changes. After days of refusing to eat, Lisa is soon picking at the dog food, afterward she passes out and they hose her and the kennel down.


One day, they let Lisa outside, no chain but still wearing the collar. Over the loud speaker commands are shouted at her to be good but she unsuccessfully tries to escape. Back in the kennel, Adam is now in the same room as her but in his own kennel. He claims they are in an old slaughterhouse and that their food is drugged to make them more compliant.


When Adam refuses to eat, he is electrocuted. Another man beats on the door and is struck from behind. The next morning, Lisa, is moved down to another kennel and she discovers that she was removed to another location entirely and brought back later. Adam is losing hope. So they tell each other stories.


Their captives are putting stronger drugs in the food and they are losing time. Finally Adam and Lisa wake up in kennels right next to each other and attempt to plan their escape. But they are still being watched and when they disobey, their collars are activated to choke. Adam seizes an opportunity to escape but he was thwarted.


But it’s not just the two of them, there are others and this might be some kind of experiment. It’s all so secretive. And more than one person (Shay Denison, Ryan Q. Tran, Katy Dore) in the program has a secret and it could get them all sent to prison or worse. Then the tables turn and turn again. And it’s bad, none of them, including those running the show, may survive