Macabre...ish Horror Review: Maggie


Maggie, 2015/ 95 min.



After the zombie apocalypse life is a blighted police state plus zombies. When Maggie (Abigail Breslin) is bitten, she leaves her Dad (Arnold Schwarzenegger) a voicemail, she’s been bitten and she warns him not to look for her. Meanwhile, he’s searching for her and he is warned that when he finds her to take her to quarantine.


He knows the necroambulist virus will turn her into a monster in 2 weeks but he wants to take her home with her siblings and take care of her until then. She is overcome with despair and struggles to cope. And her Dad struggles to cope with remorse at having to kill zombies.


The clock is ticking and he is given 3 options. 1. Quarantine Maggie. 2. Euthanize her with medication, which is painful. 3. Or kill her quickly. None of which he wants to do. And as she deteriorates she tries to be a normal kid, all while her body parts are dying and rotting away.


This movie is heavy and bleak. It’s the sad story of everyone coping horribly with an epidemic. The cinematography and score really add to that. The physical effects and zombies are quite good. It’s also graphic and gory. This is a slow zombie movie. Slow zombies. Slow movie.


Watch this movie for the great dramatic acting and intense movies, not the zombie kills because it’s really not that kind of movie.