Macabre…ish Horror Review: Malignant



Malignant, 2021/ 1 hr 51 min.



Maddy, a pregnant woman in an abusive relationship is assaulted by Derrick, the baby’s father. While he sleeps on the couch, he experiences dramatic and aggressive, paranormal activity and it kills him.


When Maddy hears noises down stairs and checks on it, she finds Derrick’s mangled body and some kind of entity chases her down and assaults her. Maddy wakes up in the hospital, no longer pregnant.


Her first day back home, it’s clear the entity still lurks. So the next day she fortifies the first floor of her house. But it’s not just at her house, she’s vulnerable everywhere. And one day she is kidnapped or a part of her is and held in what appears to be an attic. But something strange happens, she sees the entity kill, in other locations but Maddy can’t do anything to stop it.


Whatever or whoever this is, is vengeful and going from house to house wreaking havoc and killing the inhabitants. It seems to coincide with an unhealed head injury and whatever it is knows her and plans to make everyone in her life pay for making her forget him.


It’s name is Gabriel. And it seems that he was much more than an imaginary friend. It can be invisible or fully corporeal and travel in rifts of reality. It has no human limitations or so it seems…


It is simply aware, full of rage and murderous. It describes itself as cancerous.


Maddy’s life is full of secrets and Gabriel is one of them. She will have to rediscover those memories and secrets to stop Gabriel.


Well this movie was horrific and scary. Very gory and disturbing. Really good effects, cinematography and choreography. Good concept done in a unique way. I only has one critique, the music was just so much louder than the vocal. I had to constantly turn the sound up and down.