Macabre...ish Horror Review: Mars Attacks


Mars Attacks, 1996/ 1 hr 50 min.





It begins with a herd of flaming cattle running for their lives down a road. A space craft leaves Earth and returns with back up, an entire fleet of hundreds of ships head to Earth.





Considered a historical meeting, the president aides sends contacts to meet the Martians in Nevada, while he, with his family watches on tv. Using a translator, the Martian Ambassador says, "We come in peace." And immediately slaughters everyone in attendance, animals and Generals included.





Except Ms. Lake and her chihuahua, the aliens abduct them and swap their heads.






Assuming this is the result of a terrible miscommunication, a new meeting is set, at the request of the Ambassador, with Congress. Once again, most of Congress is slaughtered. An attending professeur, Donald Kessler is knocked unconscious and dragged aboard a ship. Where we later see his dismembered body and still living head.





After failing to kill the president, the Martians invade Earth. Killing the president of France and destroying the world's landmarks. The US tries and fails to attack the mothership and the Earth is screwed.


But we happen to stumble onto an unexpected and fatal weapon with a 100% success rate. If we don't blow it...


This movie has a ton of recognizable faces in this movie from Martin Short, Jack Nicholson, Michael J. Fox to Sarah Jessica Parker, Glenn Close and Pam Grier. These Martians are brutal but look hilarious! This movie is graphic and over the top and makes sense, being a Tim Burton creation but it's not bloody or gory. Also, it cracked me up. I enjoyed the violence, destruction and humor, the effects really punch up the fun in this movie.  Brought some Flash Gordon to a Killer Klown party, if the party was in the Wizard of Oz! And bonus points for the drive in movie feel!




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