Macabre...ish Horror Review: May

May is a 2002 movie about and odd, awkward young lady who works in an animal hospital, who sets out to finally make some real friends, up until now her only friend is a doll she got for her birthday as a child. Soon she has her sights set on a guy she has developed a crush on. They begin dating off and on after he confesses that he ‘likes gross, disgust me, please!’ and likes weird girls.


The relationship soon sours when during an intimate moment, she gets too weird and bites him and rubs his blood into her face. He gets spooked and later she over hears him with his friends, talking about her. So she tries spending more time with a female friend and becomes confused when that ends up not being what she thought.


Finally she volunteers to mentor children when she sees a child playing in the park. And every once in a while she tries reconnecting with the crush that she scared off but to no avail. I just have to mention that May is so desperate for human interaction and touch, it’s hard to watch, it’s really sad and the loneliness, palpable.


The movie is a little slow building up to the horror but it is somewhat necessary to the story. Also, her best friend, that doll, reacts when she’s upset and causes little cracks in the glass of her case. When bringing her doll for a little show and tell turn into a disaster, she then decides it’s too difficult to make friends and have relationships because “there are so many pretty parts but no pretty wholes”.


So May sets out to make the perfect friend. Mostly from all the beautiful parts of people she knows. Her first kill wasn’t planned but is a guy she meets at the bus stop who takes an interest in her, after taking him home and she experiences and can’t handle her first out right rejection. Afterward, she kills people based on their physical attributes that she finds attractive.


With every kill, her confidence increases. And the irony is, the more kills, the more confidence and the more confidence attracts more people who want to be her friend.


This a horror movie for so many reasons. Very good and engrossing. And once the killing begins, it is bloody, graphic and gory. May is a cold blooded killer! She goes from brutally shy and awkward to femme fatale when she’s killing.


This movie is heavy and intense. If you just want a slasher flick, with kills and thrills, this is not it. The end is sad and there is a sweetly sad twist. You’ve all been warned! Enjoy!! 


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