Macabre...ish Horror Review: Mayhem



Mayhem, 2017/ 86 min.


ID-7 or The Red Eye Virus attacks your neural pathways and all morals, repressed emotions and inhibitions are removed and releases the beast that is your id. All of your baser impulses are unleashed and you are unable to stop it. Stimulants, including caffeine can accelerate the virus. It is not deadly but could get you killed if someone with the virus wants to kill you.


There are regular viral outbreaks spreading world wide and today, the viral outbreak happens in an office building on the day Derek gets fired and the building is quarantined.



Two hundred eighty-seven employees will be under quarantine and out of their minds for 8 hours until the neutralizer takes effect. Until then, madness. And many of them will not survive.



In the mean time, Derek wants to get up to the top level and the boss’ office.


On top of the virus, his boss is a coke head, so should be fun! Armed with a disgruntled litigant, Melanie, a nail gun and bag of tools. Derek is in full beast mode and it’s awesome.



The lead character, Derek is Glenn from Walking Dead and he killed this character. Expect crazy, graphic violence, adult scenes and jokes because it’s also hilarious. The concept, cinematography, cast and effects are good. Well done!








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