Macabre…ish Horror Review: Meet the Feebles


Meet the Feebles, 1989/ 1 hr 37 min


A puppet variety show is managed by crooked and abusive organizers. The show is filled will miscreants, criminal activity, casting couch shenanigans, sexcapades, illicit after hour porn production and of course hopefuls that are eaten by a producer …all is just par the course. And lets not forget the ‘Journalist’ Fly that will nosh from the toilet while giving a bathroom visitor, unsolicited crap.

So obviously, everyone wants to be a part of it and strives to be cast on the chorus of The Feebles!

The talent, Heidi (the Hippo), who is nightlife royalty and used to packing clubs, is mistreated and disrespected. A newcomer is added to the chorus and the show goes on as usual, no matter how rotten the environment. For Heidi, it’s the final straw after a fight with a rival who’s sleeping with her walrus.

After trying and failing to end it all, Heidi goes on a workplace massacre and no one is safe.

The cast is oddly and sometimes grotesquely colorful, from the crocodile having night terrors about war to the Madame Bovine who stars in alt porn, produced by a rat. A panty sniffing creep of an anteater and a rabbit orgy.

This is definitely adult and graphic, even for puppets. Expect sleaze, sex, nudity, drugs and violence. It’s gritty, crass and likely to offend many and yes, it’s all puppets, which makes it all the more odd to say. Oh and this is a Peter Jackson creation.

This whole movie is a non PC trigger warning.