Macabre...ish Horror Review: Midnight Meat Train


Midnight Meat Train, 2008/ 98 min.



The movie starts with a lone man on the subway, who slips and falls on the bloody floor of a car. Upon regaining his footing, he notices blood splatter everywhere. And looking into the next bloody car, he sees a man hacking someone up.





Meanwhile, a photographer named Leon (Bradley Cooper) is crushed when gallery owner, Susan (Brooke Shields), criticizes his work rather than giving him his big break.





She insists his photographs of the city aren't risky enough. So he decides to take late night trips to the subway, taking photos of an impeding sexual assault before saving the woman. He discover's later that she's gone missing, as has other people and he suspects a butcher named Mahogany (Vinnie Jones), may be killing subway commuters.






Leon takes his photos to police and is dismissed and instead are suspicious of him. And all the while, he is changing. Plagues with flashbacks and terrible nightmares. He is soon, obsessed and stalking Mahogany, following him onto the last train of the night and witnesses a massacre. The butcher kills the passengers and hangs their 'processed corpses from meat hooks. After running away from Mahogany and getting knocked out, he wakes up at the meat packing plant with carvings in his chest.


His concerned girlfriend, Maya (Leslie Bibb) goes through his photos with her friend, Jurgis (Robert Bart) and follow his trail back to Mahogany's apartment, after breaking in, Jurgis is captured and Maya escapes with evidence of a 100 years worth of murders. And the discovery of a horrific secret that has always existed and always will.


This movie is bloody, gory and graphic. Crazy kills with ridiculous effects and enjoyed the cinematography and visual effects as well. Lots of recognizable faces and fun story and concept. The end is quite the unexpected surprise! Alot better than expected considering the title. I really enjoyed it.





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