Macabre...ish Horror Review: Midnight Movie



Midnight Movie, 2008/ 82 min.

Here’s a little low budget indie slasher about a filmmaker who has a mental break, 40 years after making and starring in a movie, The Dark Beneath. His doctor decides to show him the movie, in a strange attempt to cure him. The next day the other doctor’s arrive at the ward, finding evidence of slaughter but no bodies, a ward with 70 patients, vanished.



Five years later, a little theatre is featuring The Dark Beneath, and among the audience is a sheriff and one of the doctor’s from the ward. Once the movie begins, viewers become unsettled and when an employee goes to restock the fountain drinks, the killer from the movie appears, killing him with a giant cork screw. The murder is broadcast in the movie and the viewers believe it is part of the film.



One by one as people leave their seats for various reasons and at first they think it’s an elaborate prank, until the killer materializes and hunts them, impaling them with the cork screw, in one horrific fashion after another. Every attempt at escape fails. Cell phones receive no signal, the doors are sealed, the sheriff’s gun has seemingly no affect and even when an officer arrives in the front of the building, he cannot see or hear them.


Finally the group decides to break the projector but at every turn their thwarted, until they finally stop the movie, just in time. But the projector repairs itself and the killer reappears. When only 3 are left, they find themselves in the movie and all of the others, horribly wounded but still alive. When on of them, Bridget, tries to escape, she is tortured, Radford (the killer) snipping off her toes. They learn if they ignore their fear, Radford disappears. And the next time he does, Bridget and Tim escape. Killing Radford’s tv mother who tries to ambush them. Bridget realizes the movie is ending so she sacrificed herself, she shoves Timmy back out of the movie, into the theater but she’s trapped.



Police arrives to find Timmy alone in the theatre. And the ending credits show the police ticketing a motorcycle. The riders, a biker couple who died inside the movie.


This movie was pretty good, fun concept and has a serious 90s movie feel. It’s graphic, gory and there are jump scares. The pacing is also pretty good. The effects are ok and does the job.


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