Macabre…ish Horror Review: Mirror Mirror



Mirror Mirror, 1990/ 105 min


An old house whose former owner had a serious interest in the occult, gets a new owner. The daughter, Megan (Rainbow Harvest) is fond of one item in the house that hasn’t been removed, a mirror and offers to buy it.

School is a nightmare, her goth style is not appreciated and she’s an outcast, except one friend, Nikki (Kristin Datillo). Meanwhile, estate manager, Emelin (Yvonne De Carlo) is reading the deceased former owner’s journals and discovers something disturbing about some of the items and what went on in the house. One of the most important and dangerous items was sold to the new owners.

At the house, own of the dogs were killed and Megan is having disturbing nightmares about her recently deceased decomposing Dad. And other weird things are happening in that house, the mirror bleeds, conjures pestilence and it’s changing Megan. And people around her are suffering inexplicable illnesses and dying.

No one is safe, not her only friend nor is she, immune. And the end is quite a twist!

Unexpectedly good horror, the feel is definitely 90s teen which make the kills surprisingly gruesome. Graphic effects that convince the viewer you’ve seen more than you actually have. The kill and monster effects are physical effects and the pacing is good!