Macabre...ish Horror Review: Mirrors



Mirrors, 2008/ 111 min.



A man, fleeing for his life, enters a room he cannot escape and begs his reflection for a way out. His reflection then produces a shard of mirror and cuts his throat. The man watches as the wound is cut into his own throat, killing him.



Meanwhile, in New York, a suspended police officer begins his job as a security officer at a dilapidated, burned out husk, formerly the Mayflower, a luxury department store. Nothing left but mirrors.



His first night of work, Ben finds a mirror covered in handprints but on the wrong side of the glass. And in the reflection, the closed door behind him, is open.




The more he tries to understand, the creepier and weirder it all gets. The less is make sense. He’s beginning to see and experience things that cannot be happening and yet somehow are.


Understanding only seems to be making it worse. And the longer this goes on, it begins to impact his family. His kids are beginning to see horror in reflections as well.


It would seem that knowledge of the thing, is the bait. Understanding is the trap. The only way to stop it is be revisiting an old tragedy and family secrets.



This is an interesting movie. I really enjoyed it! Good cinematography and score. There is some nudity and adult language. And some nice effects and crazy, graphic deaths. Well done!










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