Macabre…ish Horror Review: Mister Creep


Mister Creep, 2022/ 1 hr 6 min



A bizarre looking man named Joe, known as Mr. Creep (Brian D. Anderson) is questioned in a cell, while wearing a strait jacket, the question is “Where are the bodies?”



A house is found with fly blown bodies scattered around it, the bodies are staged and presumed killed elsewhere. There’s no blood or signs of struggle. One bloodied person appears to be alive but there’s plastic wrapped around her head.


The detective (Marvin Ritchie) clears the rest of the house while the the team documents the scene. But after seeing another man on the floor, he demands everyone in hazmat suits to take them off. Pointing his gun at them, he insists they take their helmets off. Then the lights go out and he’s attacked. And so is everyone else, as light pans around the room, it shows the entire team is down. Except one, that comes right at him.



A documentary team in Houston is doing it’s final checks for a school project, a student film. They’re working the scene of a missing family where no evidence of what happened. While filming the B roll, they decide to make a plan to go do something scary.


After confessing to being a part of a morbid curiosity lovers group, Val says someone mentioned something of an urban legend. About a guy who killed 200 people over the last 2 decades on his remote farm and broadcast strange videos of their bodies.


The clown masked serial killer is known as Mr. Creep. The rest of the group is suspicious because they never heard anything about it. Those in the group say that the city kept it secret to keep the public from panicking but there is one thing, his broadcast is still sending out signals.


There is only one known recording of a broadcast and it features a disturbing doll at a table with some odd audio. Then a man walks in frame and slams another man’s head on the table. A laugh track punctuates the violence.


So the students make a plan to capture the signal with an old tv and antenna. They hit scan and wait. Just as they are about the shut it down, they see something. It’s fuzzy but it’s clearly a doll.


Now they want to know more so they decide to break into the old abandoned police station to look for evidence of Mr. Creep and his crimes. So they decide to go that night.



Back at the cell, Mr. Creep speaks, he says he hears voices that tells him to kill people. The voice comes from a floating head.



The film students arrive at the old police station under the cover of darkness, John (Ali Alkhafaji) keeps watch in the car, while the others go in, documenting as they go. Inside, are stacks of files that were left behind. Plus it looks like someone was living in there. Val (Shaela Payne) takes a look around the place and is locked in a cell after finding a doll that quickly disappears.


Beth (Amber Lee Solis), thinks they’ve found the evidence and is ready to leave but they have to find Val first who is currently screaming in terror. Now they are frantically trying to find their way out but it’s easier said than done. They do make it out but John is not in the car. He went in, looking for them but once in the car, they leave. The next day, all but Val, meet up to go over the evidence, which includes tapes.


Mr. Creep was executed in 2002 but Val swore she saw him last night. In the evidence, there are recordings of interviews with Mr. Creep, who confessed to 20 victims, including his own son. He said it was an order by god, who also told him to kill 200 people, kill himself and he would also become a god. He said god has a new list of people to kill and Beth swears she heard him say her name. But when the tape is rewound, the video is gone.


Later, John and Beth visits a woman named Mary (Judy McMillan) to hear her story and she tells a terrible one. The man known as Mr. Creep was abused as a child and his mother burned the clown mask, that he loved, on his face. Once doctor’s tried to remove it but it was fused to his face. Mary knows all this because she used to visit him, he trusted her and she wrote a book.


She offers to go get it for them and comes back with a knife and she runs right for John. Beth hits her with her cane and though Mary’s been impaled by the knife, she laughs maniacally and gets up. The film students flee.



Mr. Creep talks about the doll and says it’s not just a doll but a relic.



After regrouping and bandaging John’s wound, they realize they still haven’t heard from Val and decide to just head to her house. She doesn’t appear to be home so they break in. They find out she’s been trying to track the signal which seems to be 30 minutes away.



Meanwhile, Val seems to be wandering in woods next to an old shack. And she goes inside and falls apart. She’s sure Mr. Creep is coming.



Dave (Thomas Burke), John and Beth are prepping to look for Val. And that night, they go to the location and the plan immediately falls apart. They get lost, lose the car, lose each other and their whistles won’t even work. They will probably never leave this godforsaken place.


This is a POV shaky cam independent horror film directed by Isaac Rodriguez and Cynthia Bergen. It is creepy, with plenty of jump scares and very little overt and graphic violence. Most of the violence is understated and left to the imagination. Very like old horror flicks where you never got to see the monster or bad guy in action and that was part of what was so terrifying. This is not a passive watch because the movie changes direction fast, going back and forth between video from the past and current times. It’s worth the hour or so watch!