Macabre...ish Horror Review: Mom and Dad



Mom & Dad, 2017/ 83 min.



Begins with a lady parking her vehicle on train tracks in front of an oncoming train and walking away, leaving her baby inside.



Flash to a normal family with a troubled teen, Dad (Brent-Nicolas Cage) who is clearly having a midlife crisis, Mom (Kendall-Selma Blair) desperately trying to  keep the family together and on good terms. Other than that, there’s something wrong, something’s off.



Once at school, it’s obvious something is wrong when parents show up hours early and the students are dismissed. The minute the parents see their kids, they attack them. And the police are fighting the parents. Then kids are running for their lives.


The news says it might be a weaponized virus that is attacking and reversing the part of our instinct that tells us to protect our young. Dr. Oz says it’s savaging. Something animals do, when they kill their young.


The radio is clear and has a message for parents: Stay Away from your children!


Brent and Kendall head home early to find their kids and oddly enough, hunting their kids seem to be bringing them together. While they are trying to kill their kids, the grandparents (Lance Henriksen) show up!



This movie turned out to be pretty wild and fun. It’s a British/American collab loosely based on Mum & Dad made in 2008. Nicolas Cage is a high octane rage machine, only to burn out to display his other wild moods. Which is made better with great effects and cinematography. Plus well placed flashbacks. There is a little nudity and a lot of violence.