Macabre...ish Horror Review: Monster Party



Monster Party, 2018/ 1 hr 29 min.



Some thieves are on a spree, they all need to raise money for their own reasons. One kid’s dad has a gambling debt and it’ll cost his Dad his life if he doesn’t get the cash and the other two are pregnant.



Until finally planning on burglarizing the wrong house during a house party, under the guise of being the help. It’s way out of their comfort zone and their abilities but they are going for it! As they get prepared for the party, they search for valuables.


Also, something is up with the family that lives in this house. And their guests, yeah they’re rich but it’s not just eccentrically wealthy energy. It’s buried-secrets-in-the-basement weird. Punctuated by the deranged introductory story over dinner. Very addiction recovery but somehow terrifying. This seems to be a group in recovery but in recovery from what exactly?



As the group continues with their plan to burgle the house, when the security shutters deploy and seal the house, they find themselves in danger as these recovering addicts fall off the wagon.


I enjoyed the cinematography and the casting was nicely done. And the level of carnage surprised me, the effects were pretty good and graphic!

There is nudity and adult language. It is bloody, gory and violent.






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