Macabre…ish Horror Review: Monsterland



Monsterland, 2015/ 1 hr 49 min

This anthology opens with complete mayhem. Tentacle monsters and bodies strewn all over a movie theatre and a man who has seemingly lost his mind, grabs some popcorn and stays for a show. Never mind the corpses…


Friends skinny dipping in a lake one night encounters something in the water but some of them think it’s a joke until it’s too late.


A man wakes up, bloody, in the middle of the street, with a giant hole in the back of his head. Nothing an ace bandage and a hat can’t fix. And he’s having crazy hallucinations but even so, he heads back into his regular life. Then he begins hearing someone talking inside his head. Maybe it climbed into the hole in the back of his head.


Then a husband struggles with what he thinks is his wife’s sleep walking and then thinks he’s having nightmares about a terrifying hag. Every night the dreams get worse until he’s face to face with a monster, hovering above him.


A man who is concerned that he might be a vampire so he attacks a dentist at home and demands he remove his cuspids by gun point, because his teeth hurt. The dentist wonders why he didn’t just pull them at home, with pliers. But the dentist can only use what he can find in his house as far as tools.



The episodes in this anthology range from truly terrifying live action monsters, to trippy puppets, hilariously wacky and deranged horror animation. The length and quality varies wildly, there are all different kinds of horror represented here and it’s usually graphic and gory. Honestly, there were truly disgusting moments but overall it’s pretty good. Very entertaining!