Macabre...ish Horror Review: Monsters



Monsters, 2010/ 94 min.


This British Sci-fi horror film about extraterrestrial life, crash landing on the Mexico/US border and quickly spreads, causing the area to become quarantined. And both Mexican and American troops fight to contain the creatures.


A photojournalist in Mexico gets the job of looking for and escorting his boss’ injured daughter, who also happens to be in Mexico, across the quarantined area about to the US. The cost to get on the last ferry, for 6 months, is $5000 a piece and after their passports are stolen they decide to barter her engagement ring to get passage through the quarantine zone.



First crossing on a river boat and then having an armed escort through the jungle, they’re attacked and by a tentacles creature and everyone is killed but Samantha (socialite) and Andrew (photojournalist). They continue to the border on foot, meanwhile they’re falling for each other. Eventually they cross into an almost empty Texas border town



and upon calling for help, 2 tentacled aliens arrive while they await rescue.



This movie was good but is not a horror movie, more of a sci-fi drama and kind of a love story with aliens and not many aliens either. There was only 3 instances of alien activity, the rest was lots of evidence of prior alien activity. Dead people, including children, scattered around, amongst general destruction, debris and structural damage. The cinematography was really good but this is not a monster movie, rather a movie with monsters. Sci-fi sure, Horror...not for my taste. There’s a small amount of blood and gore but mostly bones. And no scares.


Again, I still would’ve enjoyed this movie and probably more if it wasn’t advertised as a horror or a monster movie. Having said that I was only let down because of that. This is another incredibly well done low budget movie, that doesn’t feel low budget at all. This is for people who do not want a scary or particularly gory movie. Good, bright cinematography and good cast.


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