Macabre…ish Horror Review: Morgue




Morgue, 2019/ 81 min.


While texting and driving, Diego runs over a pedestrian in a hit and run. Afterward, he blows off his plans with his girlfriend and goes home to sleep, until he’s awakened by a private call that turns out to be his boss, calling him in to work.


Back at work, he’s a security guard, at a hospital, in the morgue there’s is just one set of remains, a man killed in a hit and run. He immediately becomes uneasy again and later, while video chatting with his girlfriend (Maria del Mar Fernández), she sees a corpse walk behind him. After she hangs up, he searches the place and finds an intruder and scares him off.


Later, Diego sees things move on their own that shouldn’t like doors, dishes and that corpse. While taking a selfie, he notices a figure crouched right above him in the image. He looks around and it’s gone.


On top of that, he’s dealing with a trespasser who is being a nuisance. As he gives chase, doors slam shut and lock behind him. And back in the morgue, the only resident is gone…then the lights go out. Then the spigots turn on by themselves, one by one. Finally, something grabs him and yanks him across the floor.


It escalates violently from there with non corporeal and corporeal haunts, visual and audio hallucinations. Diego’s psyche and sense of reality shatters.


Some time later, he gets a call from his coworker, inquiring on why he didn’t come to work that evening. The truth of Diego’s shift is not at all what he remembers.



This Paraguayan supernatural horror directed by Hugo Cardozo is a sleeper. It was so tame that I was lulled into complacency and by the time it really started getting good, I wasn’t ready for it. This is bloody, somewhat gory and has plenty of jump scares. Good cinematography (Blas Guerrero) and pacing too, this movie seems longer than it is. And the end is very good!! Well done!


Continues after the credits. This is in Spanish and Guarani but has English subtitles.