Macabre...ish Horror Review: Mr. Jones


I wasn’t going to review this but I’ve changed my mind. It’s a movie made well, it’s just not a horror movie...


Mr. Jones, 2013/ 90 min.


A couple, Jon and Penny, who also happen to be photographers, give up their lives to move to the middle of nowhere to make a nature documentary. As well as work on their relationship.


The project begins in a vlog style and 52 days in boredom sets in and Jon admits, he’s also stopped taking his meds, which infuriates Penny. While getting back on ‘the horse’ and filming again after losing interest, we see a black hooded the back ground of his segment, that he completely misses.


Fast forward, he eventually catches that hooded figure pilfering his belongings again and chase it back to a cabin. Surrounded by some sort of scarecrow like figures. Inside is much the same only much creepier.



Now this is interesting and Jon and Penny change the focus of their project to whatever is going on here. Recording video, snapping shots and doing research. They discover this is an elusive ‘artist’ called Mr. Jones and he is known to send his art to random people across the country, for seemingly no reason. And the presence of his art coincides will weird happenings in their lives.



The couple is warned, if you see Mr. Jones, run. Jon and Penny do not listen.



Ok so, first thing’s first, this is a psychological thriller, not horror. There are no blood, guts, nothing graphic, though there is one sexual scene.


This movie, much of it is pov/ shaky cam but it is also very well done visually! I really enjoyed it, it drew me right in. The acting is pretty good and the story is good but the movie felt incomplete. Y’all know I prefer not to negative but I really liked this movie and where it was headed but it got to a point where I was waiting for something to happen and that something didn’t happen. Or the something was anticlimactic, relative to the build up.


And there was about 20 minutes where I truly thought I was just watching someone on a lousy acid trip. And that part took forever. Then I finally got what was happening and I think it just did not do justice to the cinematography and hype of Mr. Jones.


Anyway, I think this would be good for people who just like a good mystery and don’t really want much scare or many effects. Maybe this will be good for someone who wants to like horror but really doesn’t. It has a few jump scares, dark scares but not more than that.


If I have piqued your curiosity, it is available here, on itunes. Enjoy! 






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