Macabre...ish Horror Review: Ms. 45



Ms. 45, 1981/ 1 hr 20 min.


A nonvocal woman, Thana (Zoë Tamerlis Lund) is traumatized after near constant harassment and 2 rapes, all in one day. But the second one did not get away and after a few days she starts dismembering him, her refrigerator is filled with his remains and she disposes of his body all over town, little by little. But she keeps his gun.

One day, as she’s scattering body parts, a man thinks she’s forgot her bag and chases her down and she’s totally hysterical so when he catches up to her, she shoots him right in the head.

Aside from nightmares and flashbacks, she’s finding it impossible to work at her job at a garment factory. And after dinner with coworkers, another creep, a photographer, will not take no for an answer. And he keeps on right up until she shoots him.

Thana is turning into a femme fatale and she’s getting the hang of shooting terrible people. She begins to enjoy the hunt but she meets someone she kind of likes and he does the unexpected. And finally it all comes to an end in part because of her unbelievably nosy neighbor’s serious boundary issues but also because she starts shooting up a party.

If you like early 80s thrillers, you may enjoy this, it’s not scary nor too graphic but it’s paced well and the action is pretty evenly spread out. Also, pay attention to the random conversations, they cracked me up!

There are some adult scenes and dismemberment but most is left to the imagination. Some moments did surprise me, which was nice. Also Abel Ferrara directed and made an appearance, plus Peter Yellen is in this. I enjoyed it!