Macabre...ish Horror Review: Mum & Dad


Mum & Dad, 2008/ 84 min.

Upon arriving at her coworkers, Birdie’s and her brother Elbie’s house, Lena is attacked and injected with something by their parents. When she wakes up in a terrifying hellhole to the sound of screaming, the parents introduce themselves and assure her that if she does what she’s told, she’ll be ok. She is then continually injected and tortured. Forced to do chores, endure punishment and pamper the parents...while chained, she is essentially enslaved

Every aspect of life is corrupted and in some way, unhinged. For instance, they eat breakfast at the table as a family but they watch porn while they eat. And Dad forces Elbie to watch at the keyhole and masturbate and watch Lena.
Lena, later catches the attention of a man on the street and he does not survive her attempt to get his attention and he was invited in for meals but also didn’t survive. Her punishment, essentially a suitcase blanket party with a sledgehammer.

This is a house of horrors and the parents are degenerate sexual sadists, contact with them means being subject to every kind of deranged activity they can think up. We find out all the terrifying truths of this family and it’s all bad. Strong People Under The Stairs vibe but much, much worse, in every way. And nothing like Mom and Dad with Nicolas Cage.

This British movie is bloody and gory. Lots of adult scenes. This is a psychological slasher and it’s brutal. The end is equally satisfying and intense. I like this movie, in part, because of the end, had it ended differently, I would likely never have watched it again.