Macabre...ish Horror Review: Murder Party


Murder Party, 2007. On Halloween Eve in Brooklyn, Chris finds an invitation to a costume party on the ground and decides to go.


After quite a trek, Chris arrives at the party (warehouse) in his homemade cardboard knight costume and soon discovers he’s fallen into a lethal trap set by deranged artists. He becomes uneasy at the sight of a plastic tarp stretched across the floor with tools laid out. Welcome to your Murder!


This movie is crazy! It has the feel of exactly what would happen in real life if a bunch of weirdos got together and decided it would be cool to kill people on Halloween. It’s hilarious! 


All of these artists have their own, sometimes, really overly dramatic way of killing him and even more dramatic ways of getting rid of the body afterward. Both to get away with the murder plus creating an impressive work of art. All of this, ladies and gents, is about art. The creation of a Masterpiece. Apparently. This entire thing being the great idea of an imposter, dangling fake grant money on in front of them to make them pliable. Upon learning this and his plan to kill them all then sell their art because ‘it’s not worth anything until after you’re dead’, after injecting him with truth serum. 


This movie has a serious slacker vibe, there is a lot of dialogue before it’s gets to any action. It’s more of a drug party before it becomes a murder party. 


Suddenly (about 50 minutes in), mayhem ensues, when the henchman/drug dealer is told to shoot them all. And it’s all out mayhem that spills out of the warehouse and into the street as Chris escapes and runs for his life. 



The movie is crass. (Constantly saying dildo 😒). Somewhat long winded. Lots of drug use. Very bloody, graphic, Accidental death, murder, accidental burning, headshots, hacked up bodies. Chainsaw kills. The dog eats Crank and then a man’s face. 


This movie is 80 minutes long. Enjoy!


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