Macabre…ish Horror Review: Mutants



Mutants, 2009/ 1 hr 35 min.


A pandemic rages, in begins at the beginning of Summer and in a few months, the population in France has been decimated. It seems everyone has turned into monsters.

And in the middle of this hell, ER doctor, Sonia (Hélène de Fougerolles) and her colleagues and a soldier, are on the run and injured by the infected. The only remedy is putting them down and trying keep from getting infected. They are headed to a base that offers help


They arrive at a petrol station and it takes a hard left. They get attacked by an autistic boy who’s in shock and a fight over whether to bring him or not, ends in 2 of their deaths. Sonia desperately patches up the only survivor, colleague/boyfriend Marco (Francis Renaud) but roars from incoming zombies cut his treatment short.


Sonia drives their ambulance, on fumes, to a complex turned tomb. The only person she finds ended his day with a shot gun blast to his own face. In a room behind him lies charred remains. The power’s been cut, the area barricaded. She radio’s for help from the ambulance and discovers Marco’s bullet wounds are completely healed but it appears he’s contracted the virus.


In this building, Sonia is safe from everyone but him. But she holds out hope for rescue and eventual safe haven at the military base. But Marco is losing his grip and she tried to reassure him with a little secret she’s been keeping.


Then come the marauders.


This is a French language, IFC movie with subtitles. It is very graphic, bloody and gory, good cinematography and very good acting. These are fast, feral zombies and their transformation is good but more like a creature transformation. This movie is also heavy and bleak, plus there are jump scares.